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Safeway chose The Ad Answer to provide them with a unique nutrition pocket calendar that they could provide to thousands of WIC participants. The calendars featured nutrition education messages, healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes, beautiful photography and dynamic designs along with a coupon that could be used at Safeway for discounts on specific items. The front and back of the calendars were branded with the Safeway and Vons logos.

Suburban Hospital Jackets

Suburban Hospital came to The Ad Answer for some creative input for Doctors Day gifts. They wanted a wearable item that was useful year-round, contemporary and stylish. The idea they chose was a Tricot Track Jacket with their logo handsomely embroidered. Trendy and sporty it was well-received and turned out to be “just what the doctor ordered”!

George Washington University Law School

The George Washington University Law School wanted to provide donor gifts. The Moleskine notebook was the chosen gift. Today, the Moleskine brand is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal identity--in both the real world and the digital world. What better place for lawyers to jot down their thoughts, meeting notes and strategies than in such a trusted and handy companion.

Adventist HealthCare Doctor’s Day Gifts


Adventist Healthcare Doctor’s Day Gifts We are honored to have worked with Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for over 25 years. Each year we provide them with ideas for, among other events, Doctor’s Day. Recently, the chosen gift was a doctor-shaped power bank with the hospital logo printed on the reverse side. Unique, high-tech and fun, this gift was very well-received and featured a 2600mAh capacity.