COVID-19 Medical Supplies with FDA and CE Certifications

For every order of 5,000 pieces or more we will donate 500 surgical masks to
Suburban Hospital.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday PPE Sale
November 27th – December 5th

Medical Mask Donation Program – What You Purchase and What The Ad Answer Will Donate

Units Purchased
Units Purchased
Medical Masks & Bagels Donated
Masks to be Donated

Please note production/shipping time for all items are subject to change based on demand. Average turnaround time for COVID-19 Medical Supplies in stock is 3-5 business days.

The Ad Answer has COVID-19 Medical Supplies FDA and CE Certified Medical Masks, COVID-19 Medical Supplies and PPE available to purchase.
We also have FDA Approved 70% – 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers.